1980 – Present
Visual Artist
I am a mixed media artist working in acrylic, watercolor, oil, painting, drawing, papermaking, printmaking, furniture surface design, wood burning, ceramics and faux finishes.

2004 – 2019
Freelance Graphic and Web Designer
I conduct an initial meeting with clients to assess their needs and discuss ideas. I then present the client with preliminary designs. During the project I conduct a series of meetings to discuss, formulate, and execute their print and online marketing and design concepts. This includes creating appropriate designs and sample layouts for websites, logos, business cards, ads, brochures and other materials for print and web. Post project, I continue to trouble shoot, update design material and maintain web sites, always keeping the end users in mind.

Dec 2011- April 2013
Sales Consultant, IT Supervisor, Web Developer – ACC, Santa Fe, NM
I began as a sales consultant at the Plaza Store and was quickly given the responsibility of opening, closing and overseeing the store on the manager’s day off. After two months of employment I was given the added responsibility of learning and implementing a POS system for the 3 stores we had at the time. I was part of a team that took a paper based inventory and transferred it to a computer based POS. I developed and published a sales manual about the POS system for our staff. I also trouble shot the system and helped train the staff in the use and understanding of the nuances of the POS system. In addition to these responsibilities, I was charged with developing, publishing and managing their new website,

2008 – 2011
Consulting Art Director – Not Drowning, Waving Madrid, NM
The owner of this literary magazine brought me in to help redesigned the layout to make it more reader-friendly while staying within the original design parameters of the magazine. I was instrumental in helping the magazine transition from hand-pasted hard copy printing to a professional digitally prepared publication.

2004 – 2008
Project Manager – Surcon International, Chicago, IL
I organized and checked the data for excel-based employee surveys. I then formatted the data into easy-to-understand charts and graphs and prepared PowerPoint presentations for the company’s clients. I also prepared and assembled printed and digital survey presentation materials for distribution to clients and their staff.

1992 – 2004
Owner/Director – Off the Wall, 616 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM
I chose the mix of artists and selected their work. I coordinated and executed all the purchases for the gallery at trade shows. I was responsible for designing and preparing our artists’ promotional materials, while managing all publicity and marketing for our store. This included creating, building and maintaining an e-commerce website. I was in charge of all retail sales, including in-house, on-line and by phone. I managed and motivated our retail sales staff, and created concepts for gallery design and displays.
Off the Wall was awarded the distinction of being one of the top 100 craft Galleries in the USA by Niche Magazine and a preferred gallery by American Style Magazine.

1981 – 1994
Owner of Handmade Paper Business, Boston MA and Santa Fe, NM
I designed and sold handmade paper notecards, stationery, one-of-a-kind books, vases, bowls, clocks, lamps and fine art. An important part of my work was to establish a client base of 275 gallery/shops in the USA, Canada, Germany and Japan. I then established new marketing strategies for these national and international markets, as well as developing advertising and public relations campaigns. I also conducted sales at wholesale and retail trade shows, designed the booth display and marketing materials. As a small business owner, I designed and organized the bookkeeping, inventory and client tracking systems for my company.

1980 – 1987
Freelance Graphic Designer
I assisted other designers in the Boston area in book, brochure, logo, poster and related print material design by doing type specification, paste-up, mechanical preparation and separations for printers. I also assisted in the hand-drafting of booth layouts for conventions and trade shows.